The law firm's client list is comprised of individuals and corporations requiring legal representation in the following areas:

  • Family Breakdown
  • Contentious Estate & Inheritance Matters
  • Wrongful Dismissal & Employment Matters
  • Insurance Matters including Motor Vehicle Accidents and Personal Injury
  • Land & Property Disputes
  • Agency Work for Other Law Firms
  • Small Business Disputes
  • Corporate Disputes
  • Construction Law Matters
  • Regulatory Matters including Professional Discipline


Tim and Ahna are hired to advance or defend lawsuits on behalf of their clients and to make any necessary court appearances related to those lawsuits including conducting trials at first instance, appeals and interlocutory hearings. Our lawyers also represent clients in private arbitrations, which are governed by the conflict resolution procedures agreed to the parties in advance of their relationship and often included in their contract.

Our two partners regularly appear before supreme court and appellate judges throughout the various judicial districts in the West and East Kootenays, the Okanagan and the Lower Mainland Vancouver.

Tim and Ahna are both conversant with the rules of court that govern procedure and well versed in the areas of case law that apply to the merits of the dispute. Tim and Ahna are legal advisors, guiding their clients through the litigation process with a strategic approach to any next steps that are recommended including settlement opportunities that would be beneficial to the client.


Tim and Ahna are also hired to assist parties in engaging a qualified mediator and participating in a focused and structured process out of court to attempt to reach resolution by way of agreement. Consensus building, diplomacy and negotiation are all skills our lawyers use to support clients who have chosen the meditative option to reach acceptable compromise and minimize the costs associated with protracted court action.

Ahna is also a mediator, available to serve as a neutral third party to assist parties, with the benefit of their own independent legal advice, in their attempt to resolve their dispute and reach agreement through the mediative process. Ahna is not qualified to serve as a mediator in family law matters, but sits as the mediator to assist represented parties in finding resolution in all other types of disputes.

The offices of Pearkes & Fernandez are designed to host mediations that Ahna or Tim are involved in. Comfortable spaces including a large conference room and separate break-out room provide an atmosphere particularly well suited to the kind of multi-party dynamic that presents through mediation.